Nina Foyabo gives up her hair for a good cause

One lovely day in Southern California, 14 year old Nina Foyabo tells her mother, Mrs Judith Foyabo (ExSSA Los Angeles Public Relations Executive), that she wants to donate her long beautiful hair. Mrs Foyabo plays it down thinking it is just a phase. A few weeks later, Mrs Foyabo finds Nina in her room watching videos of how to donate hair. Nina tells her Mom that has noticed only Caucasians, Asians and Latinas are donating hair; then she blurts

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ExSSA LA volunteering at St Francis Center

ExSSA Los Angeles volunteered at the St Francis center to help set up and distribute groceries for those in need. The members helped pack the items available for groceries and and organized them so that the guests could conveniently pick up the items they needed. The group also helped facilitate the distribution of the groceries out to the community in need. Since 1972, St. Francis Center has served homeless and near homeless adults and children

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ExSSA LA Valentine’s Donor Drive

ExSSA Los Angeles hosted a special Valentine's celebration and bone marrow drive event to raise awareness about  minorities and bone marrow disease in honor of the daughter (in memory) of our alumnus who needed a bone marrow transplant at the time suffering from a rare form of Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  About 25 people (non needle phobic brave ones) became donors and were registered into the national donor list with blood work completed that night.

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