ExSSA Los Angeles Tea Party for a Girl Child

In an all girl’s school that boasts top grades in Limbe, Cameroon, 10 year old Nancy made the cut as one of the few who were selected to attend Saker Baptist College. A school with lots of history and a respected track record. Her parents have hopes for her to be a doctor some day so she can impact her community in an important way. However, as Nancy starts a new chapter in her pursuit of education, she lacks the fundamentals about her own self, her body and the changes she is about to experience as puberty kicks in.

Just 4 weeks after school starts, Nancy is still getting acquainted with her classmates and making new friends. One morning between classes, she starts cramping and as the day progresses, the cramps become more painful. She thinks she is getting sick, she lays her head on her desk as the discomfort increases. She is afraid and unsure about what is happening. She decides to go see the school nurse during her lunch break. As she gets up from her desk, her classmate says out loud “there is blood on your uniform”, she is terrified, confused and alarmed …

Nancy is not unique in this situation. Most girls learn about their first period after it has happened and are unprepared for the changes that occur to them as a natural part of their development. Some don’t even learn about how to take care of their bodies until adulthood if at all because no one is sharing with them what they need to know.

ExSSA LA has made a commitment to change that dynamic one girl at a time.

A few months ago, ExSSA Los Angeles took on the initiative to provide sanitation supplies and educational material to about 200 girls at Saker Baptist College in Cameroon. With the support of our patrons, we expanded that number to 500 kits and put together a Tea Party to celebrate this achievement as well as to assemble the kits. This is just a start of a journey toward empowering young girls who will be the mothers of tomorrow with information and educate them about themselves so they can grow into confident daughters, mothers, wives, professionals and contributors in society.

Fathers, Mothers, Friends, Grandparents and children joined hands in supporting the cause and we are grateful to know that we embark on this journey, joining hands with many who understand the importance of empowering the girl child.

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