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ExSSA LA delivers 500 Sanitation Education kits to Saker Baptist College

After months of fundraising and heart felt support from donors in the United States, ExSSA Los Angeles Chapter has delivered 500 sanitation education kits to the young girls at Saker Baptist College, age ranging from about 10 to 15 years of age.  The kits were delivered by former ExSSA Los Angeles Chapter President, Julie Nkwenji, during a ceremony that took place November 13th at the college in Limbe, Cameroon. These kits will educate the girls

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ExSSA Los Angeles Tea Party for a Girl Child

In an all girl's school that boasts top grades in Limbe, Cameroon, 10 year old Nancy made the cut as one of the few who were selected to attend Saker Baptist College. A school with lots of history and a respected track record. Her parents have hopes for her to be a doctor some day so she can impact her community in an important way. However, as Nancy starts a new chapter in her pursuit of education, she lacks the fundamentals about her own self,

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ExSSA LA Chapter Launch Event

Saker Baptist College (Cameroon) alumni in the Los Angeles community have decided to come together and form the Los Angeles Chapter of the ExSSA USA alumni organization. The launch event informed the community of the group's existence and initiatives. [gallery link="none" ids="126,125,124,123,122,121,120,119,118,117,116,113,112,111,110,109,108,107,106,105,101,100"]

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